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Sifting through P2V conversion tools.

Site expert Anil Desai answers a user question dealing with the different P2V tools on the market today.

What are the differences between the different P2V tools? Which do you think is the best out there at the moment?
The process of seamlessly converting a physical machine to a virtual one involves many potentially complicated steps. For example, the hardware abstraction layer, device drivers and any other machine-specific settings must be stripped out to ensure a clean transfer. Free utilities are available from VMware and Microsoft, but they're limited in their features. Products such as Platespin's PowerConvert provide additional features, such as the ability to create and store platform-independent VM images. You can then deploy these images on any type of physical or virtual platform. Other products and companies to evaluate include Acronis, Leostream, Virtuozzo and Vizioncore.

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