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VSANs vs. SANs

James Geis takes a look at the pros and cons of VSANs as opposed to SANs in this expert response.

We're evaluating using VSANs for the large part of our data center that is now virtualized. What are the pros and cons of VSANs compared to other SAN segmenting schemes? Are there VSAN deployment, implementation or management gotchas?

No real gotchas, and actually a smart move. Pros: segmented storage and server pools that decrease the issues around FC "mistakes" (incompatible drivers or firmware), traffic for the pools can be separated so you can isolate troubled systems or test/dev/QA/production environments, and in some software bases, you can grant some management privileges to system administrators without granting super user access. Cons: You'll still need the super user storage admin that can keep the big picture in mind for the entire architecture.

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