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VirtualCenter, VMotion and licensing

Several factors are involved when migrating virtual machines from one host operating system to another. Andrew Kutz attempts to aid in the process in this expert response.

Suppose I want to migrate virtual machine A from host operating system (OS) A to host OS B. I configured VMotion on both servers (A and B) but installed a host-based Virtual Infrastructure 3 license file (Enterprise_unserved.lic) only on host OS A, not on B. When I use VMotion to migrate VM-A from host-A to host-B, the migration is successful. Does VMotion verify licensing on the separate servers? Does the license move with the virtual machine?
Is there a VirtualCenter server somewhere in the mix here? I suppose there must be.

VMotion uses VirtualCenter to verify that there are available VMotion licenses available for each ESX server participating in the VMotion event (source and target). The license is host-based, and does not move with the virtual machine.

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