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What are you looking forward to at VMworld 2011?

New products and vSphere 5 licensing will be in the spotlight at VMworld 2011, but our advisory board members are also excited about the many networking opportunities.

The VMworld 2011 conference kicks off next week in Las Vegas, where thousands of attendees will hear about VMware’s latest server virtualization, desktop virtualization and cloud computing initiatives.

With last month’s release of vSphere 5, IT professionals at VMworld will be looking for in-depth information about the platform’s new features and capabilities. VSphere Replication and Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler are among the highlights. Some attendees will also want to hear more about VMware’s controversial vSphere 5 licensing policy, which the company has tried to make more customer-friendly.

VMware is also expected to launch View 5, its latest desktop virtualization platform, and talk more about its Horizon App Manager at VMworld. Members of our Server Virtualization Advisory Board share their expectations for the show as they answer this question:

What are you most looking forward to at VMworld 2011?

Jack Kaiser, GreenPages Technology Solutions

I am looking forward to so many things at VMworld. I hear it will be bigger and better than ever, with the most attendees to date. And I am happy it is in Las Vegas after a couple of years in San Francisco. Las Vegas is the best convention city by far. 

I am looking forward to hearing Paul Maritz and Stephen Herrod’s keynotes. It was at VMworld a few years ago that they first started talking about the Cloud and the “post-PC world.” Now the cloud is ubiquitous, and every vendor is talking about their cloud offerings, and end users are investigating how to use the cloud. Converged infrastructure offerings from the VCE Company and Hewlett-Packard are really getting traction, and I look forward to learning more about those solutions. I want to learn more about vSphere 5 and View 5 as well. 

Then there is the networking front and all the parties and events to attend. It is always great to see old friends and meet new ones in the industry. I am also excited to see The Killers on Wednesday night.   It will be a great event.

Maish Saidel-Keesing, NDS Group

First and foremost is networking with my peers. Living on the other side of the globe, I have a minimal number of opportunities to meet and talk with the number of people I have almost daily contact with on Twitter.

I am also looking forward to the interaction with technical experts. The amount of knowledge in the Venetian will be astounding, and these experts are all down-to-earth people, extremely willing to share the knowledge they have with others.  

Last but not least, the labs. The opportunity to try out new technologies, products and solutions -- without having to invest the time and resources to create these labs myself -- make this one of the greatest advantages of going to VMworld.

Greg Shields, Concentrated Technology

Hearing the rationale behind VMware’s vSphere 5 vRAM licensing decision.  This one stands to become a classic case study of how not to do marketing for the next generation of business school students.

This situation is a product of VMware’s own design, after having whipped up the us-versus-them fervor against Microsoft Hyper-V. After years of aggressively differentiating against your competition based on your memory overcommit feature, you then penalize your customer base for making use of exactly that functionality. 

To me, that sets a risky precedent that you might do this again someday with other capabilities we’ve grown to rely on.

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