The Virtualization Room

March 2007

  • Steps along the path of enlightenment

    Shayna Garlick 30 Mar 2007
  • It's great to see VMware finally embrace Paravirtualization. As a result of a tremendous community effort to develop a common interface between Xen and VMware, that benefited from the collaboration ...

  • P2V wins, losses: VMware Converter

    Jan Stafford - Features Writer 26 Mar 2007
  • The road from physical to virtual servers isn't a freeway...yet. There some potholes that hold up P2V migrations. Here are a couple of views from those who've taken a trip with VMware Converter. ...

  • VMTN gets a facelift.

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 22 Mar 2007
  • From the desk of totally unimportant and frivlous items (also known as my inbox) came this timely bit of news in the VMTN Technical Newsletter: "The new VMTN front page gives a dynamic view into ...

  • Benchmark Wars

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 22 Mar 2007
  • And tonight on Friday Night Company-Fights: The Undercard: AMD vs. Intel, Windows vs. Linux, and Pepsi vs. Coke. The Main Event: XenSource vs. VMware. Ok, here's my beef. I hate all industry ...

  • VMware SAN Guide

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 22 Mar 2007
  • Recently posted to the VMware web site is this guide to configuring your SAN for maximum virtualization efficiency (wow, that almost sounded like marketspeak... help me Obi-Wan help me!). It's an ...

  • Virtual machines: Lost, not found?

    Jan Stafford - Features Writer 21 Mar 2007
  • In this blog entry, I passed on system administrators' complaints about the difficulty in tracking virtual machines in their large companies. The fact that this is a problem surprised me and also ...

  • Take a survey-Win $200!

    Ryan Shopp 21 Mar 2007
  • The editors of, and would like to know more about your server and virtualization decisions in order to better serve ...

  • VI3 videos

    Ryan Shopp 21 Mar 2007
  • Unless you live under a rock, by now you're probably heard about VI3. But have you seen it in action? This "short" (ha) 20-minute long video I found on YouTube shows you exactly what it does. It ...

  • Server sales slip on virtualization

    Alex Barrett - Modern Infrastructure Editor-in-Chief 21 Mar 2007
  • One of the overarching questions I've had since I started covering virtualization is how will it influence the kinds of server purchases IT managers make? Is it better to buy several small, slim ...

  • Spiceworks with VMware

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 19 Mar 2007
  • I'm a big fan of free... free as in beer and free as in speech. Sometimes that even means free as in ad-supported. NOT Adware-supported, mind you, but ad-supported free software runs second in my ...

  • Are your virtual machines lost in space?

    Jan Stafford - Features Writer 16 Mar 2007
  • "Whoever comes up with a solid virtual machine documentation process will make a killing this year." Those words were spoken -- off-the-record -- by a senior systems administrator for a major ...

  • Xen, meet Qlusters

    Alex Barrett - Modern Infrastructure Editor-in-Chief 16 Mar 2007
  • When two qlever, xany technologies meet, who knows what can happen? On Monday, Qlusters, which makes the open source OpenQRM server provisioning and monitoring software, will add official support ...

  • Proprietary ERP on Open Source Virtualization

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 16 Mar 2007
  • It looks like the ERP business is finally starting to catch on to the fact that their customers want to use server virtualization to cut costs, reduce downtime, and do all of those nifty things ...

  • Server Virtualization Blog joins Technorati

    Ryan Shopp 15 Mar 2007
  • We're trying to build our reader base, so I added us to Technorati. Fun times. Technorati Profile

  • Xen and the Theory of RHEL-ativity

    Shayna Garlick 15 Mar 2007
  • (Editor's Note: scrosby is Simon Crosby, CTO of XenSource) As the enterprise Linux Distros go to market with integrated Xen virtualization,  the jockeying for position based on the promise of ...