The Virtualization Room

October 2008

  • Piloting a VDI requires partner involvement

    Rick Vanover - Veeam 30 Oct 2008
  • A successful VDI pilot is a critical step toward embracing desktop virtualization technology when migrating from traditional desktops. In this video blog, Rick Vanover discusses how to go about ...

  • Market share: So what?

    Eric Siebert 29 Oct 2008
  • A recent report from IDC claims that Microsoft’s market share in the virtualization arena grew drastically in the second fiscal quarter of 2008 because of the release of Hyper-V. While the accuracy ...

  • Free virtualization tools for tough economic times

    Eric Siebert 29 Oct 2008
  • Many IT departments feel the squeeze from the current economic crisis and have seen their budgets slashed. When times are tough you must get creative, and the best way to do that is to utilize ...

  • VMware vs. Hyper-V: Comparing apples to carrots

    Eric Siebert 09 Oct 2008
  • OK, I had to laugh at this one. A Microsoft blog references an article in which a company that predominantly runs Microsoft applications said that it received a $50,000 quote from VMware to ...

  • Still mulling over a Greene-less VMware

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 08 Oct 2008
  • It's been covered to death, but something about Diane Greene's ousting from VMware's top spot still doesn't sit right with me. Not the ousting itself but the chatter about why. There have been ...

  • Did VMworld 2008 satisfy attendees?

    Rick Vanover - Veeam 06 Oct 2008
  • While VMworld 2008 left some attendees and contributors to hungry for more from VMware and its partners, others may have a different take on the conference. In this ...

  • Take the time to learn direct disk access to a virtual machine

    Rick Vanover - Veeam 03 Oct 2008
  • Recently I had the opportunity to go through a series of tests revolving around the use of a raw disk or dedicated logical unit number (LUN) to a virtual machine. I think that any virtualization ...

  • EG’s software a hit

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 02 Oct 2008
  • EG Innovations took a Best of VMworld award for the application and infrastructure management category, and as one of the judges, it's my pleasure to tell you why ... eG gets it, and it gets IT. ...