The Virtualization Room

March 2008

  • VMware shipping yet another lifecycle management product

    Bridget Botelho - Editorial Director, News 31 Mar 2008
  • Palo Alto, Calif.-based VMware, Inc. announced the general availability of VMware Lifecycle Manager, which was first announced and covered by in February. The product ...

  • Virtualization tightening the IT job market?

    Bridget Botelho - Editorial Director, News 31 Mar 2008
  • The companies I speak with about their virtualization projects always list the same reasons for going virtual: they don't have enough space in their data center to add more physical servers; they ...

  • VMware Server 2.0 beta 2 released

    Rick Vanover - Veeam 28 Mar 2008
  • On March 28, 2008, VMware released the second beta for the Server 2.0 platform. Version 2.0 beta 1 introduced sweeping changes to the user interface that was met with feedback from the beta team. ...

  • Happy new version, VMware!

    Andrew Kutz 24 Mar 2008
  • Warning: The following blog post contains biting sacarsm and marginally humorous commentary that may offend sensitive VMware executives. Reader discretion is advised. An open letter to VMware: Hey ...

  • What to do with internal disk space on VMs

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 24 Mar 2008
  • If one thing annoys me to no end, it is unused capacity. That's why I like virtualization. And it's also why I like grid computing. Heck, that's why I like cheeseburgers (there's no empty space in ...

  • Storage VMotion GUIs

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 20 Mar 2008
  • Using Storage VMotion (SVM) from the command line is fairly straightforward. However, a lot of admins may not be comfortable with the inefficiency of taking extra steps to perform a task that can ...

  • Citrix XenServer to ship in HP ProLiant servers

    Bridget Botelho - Editorial Director, News 20 Mar 2008
  • Citrix Systems, Inc. today announced a development and distribution agreement with Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) to integrate an HP-specific version of Citrix XenServer into 10 models of 64-bit HP ...

  • Microsoft readies for Hyper-V finale with new release candidate

    Bridget Botelho - Editorial Director, News 20 Mar 2008
  • Microsoft announced today it has delivered a complete release candidate (RC) of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and is on track to deliver the final product -- at a bargain price -- in August 2008. ...

  • Virtualization and Murphy’s Law

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 19 Mar 2008
  • Bad luck sometimes follows you. Then again, I don't believe in luck, or its evil twin Murphy's Law. Still, bad stuff happens, and in IT, you're usually there to see it. This happened at an ...

  • VI3 on Mac under Parallels a No-Go

    Joseph Foran - FSW, Inc. 19 Mar 2008
  • Inspired by a great walkthrough on the LTB Blog about getting VI3 running on a mac via VMware Fusion, I decided to go ahead and give VI3.5 a try on my Macbook Pro using Parallels. However, I wound ...