The Virtualization Room

May 2009

  • VMworld 2009 contract verbiage causes kerfuffle

    Alex Barrett - Modern Infrastructure Editor-in-Chief 29 May 2009
  • VMware inserted some new language in to its VMworld 2009 sponsor and exhibitor agreement that caused some industry insiders to wonder whether the upcoming show will be as hot a destination as in ...

  • Get virtual with Sid Smith

    Colin Steele - Editorial Director 05 May 2009
  • Looking for another expert perspective on server virtualization? Sid Smith, who runs the Daily Hypervisor, now has a new blog here on IT Knowledge Exchange. Virtualization with Sid Smith will focus ...

  • VMware engineers caution IT pros: Use Fault Tolerance sparingly

    Bridget Botelho - Editorial Director, News 05 May 2009
  • One of the most anticipated features in the next version of VMware Virtual Infrastructure, vSphere, is Fault Tolerance, but VMware engineers caution IT pros to use it sparingly. During the New ...

  • The VMware User Group: A boys club

    Bridget Botelho - Editorial Director, News 01 May 2009
  • I attended the New England VMware Users Group meeting in Newport, RI on Thursday, and as usual, I was one of only a small handful of women there. Sure, the whole tech industry is male dominated, ...

  • Face-Off: VMware vs. Microsoft in the hypervisor wars

    Colin Steele - Editorial Director 01 May 2009
  • The great virtualization debate: VMware vs. Microsoft Ken Cline and Dave Sobel take sides in the hypervisor wars. Ken Cline I hear the sabers rattling already! The selection of a hypervisor borders ...