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BMC intros slew of virtualization management products

Houston-based BMC Software introduced several new virtualization management products today, including nine new integrated offerings designed to eliminate the risk and operational expenses associated with management of virtualized data centers.

BMC’s new virtualization management products are fully integrated with virtualization products from Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Inc. and VMware Inc. The new BMC software is based on an automated set of closed-loop change and configuration management (CLCCM) process workflows that reduce the latency, cost and risk associated with change management. All of the new offerings support both virtual and physical infrastructures.

The nine new offerings support goals for performance, compliance and enterprise visibility by addressing the challenges created by virtualization.

Some of the issues addressed include the following:

*Planning a virtualization/consolidation initiative: BMC Virtualization Capacity Management and Planning Service is a packaged services offering that helps customers accelerate their virtualization efforts.

*Simplifying management: BMC Performance Management does complete performance monitoring across virtual infrastructure and applications with enhanced VMware Infrastructure 3 and VMotion support.

*Ensuring availability: BMC Application Performance and Analytics helps IT actively manage service levels in virtual infrastructures.

*Performance: BMC Capacity Management replaces educated guesses with automatic assessment, prioritization of server workloads, and ongoing capacity monitoring. The result is high performance while reducing capital and operational expenses and maximizing server consolidation.

*Server sprawl: Virtualization allows new servers to be created very rapidly, leading to virtual machine (VM) sprawl. BMC Discovery Solution helps customers keep virtualized environments under control by keeping tabs on virtual servers. Support for VMware, Solaris 9/10 containers and zones, AIX LPARS as well as z/VM dependencies on mainframe (z/OS) mean that all types of virtual servers can be discovered and added to BMC Atrium CMDB.

*VM security: BMC BladeLogic Virtualization Module for Servers adds security and strengthens licensing and regulatory compliance. It includes automatic provisioning and configuration of the entire software stack, including virtual infrastructure, guest VMs and applications, and enforces security best practices, including built-in virtual server hardening rules.

*Compliance: BMC BladeLogic Operations Management Suite establishes automated, closed-loop change and configuration governance over entire virtualized environments. BMC’s policy-driven configuration control prohibits noncompliant servers from being deployed or existing beyond the next audit scan. Automated compliance and remediation capabilities detect and correct any compliance violations.

*Administration costs: BMC Run Book Automation Platform and BMC Run Book Automation VMware Adapter exploit BMC’s CLCCM workflows to automate routine change management tasks.

Of course, BMC isn’t the only game in town when it comes to virtual infrastructure management. There are a number of vendors offering management products for various purposes, including Portsmouth, N.H.-based vKernel and San Francisco-based Hyperic, Inc.

In addition, Austin, Texas-based Surgient announced today its Virtual Automation Platform 6.0, which is designed with physical provisioning and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V support to manage virtual resources and eliminate physical server and virtual machine (VM) sprawl.

In addition to third-party VM management products, virtualization providers offer their own; VMware sells a proprietary management and automation suite, as does Microsoft for Hyper-V.

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