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Blade servers, Battlestar Gallactica and Mick Jagger

Virtualization is the primary reason why IT shops are buying and using blade servers today, and that’s a big impetus but there’s got to be more, said Andrew Kutz, Butler Group analyst and site expert, during the TechTarget Ask the Expert session at the Server Blade Summit last night.

That’s the gist of his response to an audience question about what’s needed to push blade server adoption, but Andrew’s actual words say it better:

“Right now, virtualization is the overshadowing element in the blade market. And I think — just like in “Battlestar Gallactica” where the son has to step outside of the shadow of his father — I think that blades have to step outside the shadow of virtualization. Blades have to define themselves outside of the realm of virtualization, because virtualization is the rock star of the moment. Blades are Keith Richards to virtualization’s Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards, man, is awesome.”

I’m with Andrew all the way on this one.

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