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ClearCube spin-off focusing on desktop virtualization

Austin, Texas-based ClearCube announced today that its desktop virtualization software business is being spun-off into its own company, VDIworks.

VDIworks will provide the VDIworks Sentral Virtual Desktop Platform for desktop computing and virtual desktop management, which includes connection brokering, virtual machine, host and thin client management, load balancing, health and asset monitoring, inventory management, disaster recovery and support for back-end hardware and user access devices.

ClearCube will continue providing desktop computing products, including desktop virtualization software, PC Blades and thin client terminal servers.

VDIworks and ClearCube will operate seperately but under an OEM agreement whereby ClearCube will continue to market and promote the VDIworks software under the Sentral VDI Management Software brand, and the Sentral management software will still be part of ClearCube’s centralized desktop computing offerings. ClearCube customers will still get support in their current license agreements with ClearCube, and VDIworks will add OEM relationships with third-party vendors, said Rick Hoffman, former president of ClearCube and now president of VDIworks.

“Users should not notice any changes, because the support, features, benefits, etc. will all be the same,” said Hoffman.

VDIworks will receive seed funding from current ClearCube investors and will seek additional funding to support growth. About 35 research and development employees in the U.S. and Pakistan will also move to VDIworks.

Because ClearCube’s Chief Executive Officer is taking over VDIworks, ClearCube’s Chief Operating Officer Randy Printz has been promoted to president and CEO. Rick Hoffman will be joined on the VDIworks side by Chief Technology Officer Amir Husain.

Desktop virtualization is a popular vendor offering right now, with companies such as Sun Microsystems Inc., Citrix., Pano Logic Inc. and VMware Inc all offering a flavor of desktop virtualization, but users report hesitation in using it due to cost.

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