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Embotics to support Hyper-V

SAN FRANCISCO — In IT, a trend isn’t really a trend until vendors get behind it.

Case in point: mixed virtual environments. We’ve done a lot of talking about organizations running VMware and Hyper-V together. But I’ve been asking vendors about it since last VMworld, and their answers are always the same: “We’ll support it when there’s demand, and we don’t see enough demand.”

Now that’s at least starting to change. As senior news writer Beth Pariseau reported last month, the number of Hyper-V ISVs is growing. Now we can add another to the list: virtualization management vendor Embotics, which will demonstrate Hyper-V support on the VMworld 2010 show floor and make it available by the end of the year.

I sat down with David Lynch, Embotics’ vice president of marketing, earlier today. He said more customers are starting to explore multiple platforms.

“We don’t have any customers yet who have both VMware and Hyper-V in production, but we have lot who are playing with [Hyper-V] in labs, and they’re telling us it’s growing up,” he said.

Mixed virtual environments are still a ways off — Lynch said most customers won’t deploy in production until next year at the earliest — but they are definitely becoming more prevalent. In our Virtualization Decisions survey last year, 56% of respondents said they’d prefer a standardized virtualization environment, but 54% said they’d at least consider using multiple hypervisors.

Cost is an obvious factor, and it seems Microsoft’s strategy of bundling Hyper-V with Windows Server is also paying off.

“It’s one of those things, ‘I’ve got it, I might as well use it,'” Lynch said.

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