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Getting Started with Hyper-V Manager

Every good virtualization administrator owes it to themselves to survey the field. In today’s virtualization climate, this includes looking at Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Various Hyper-V configurations, including those on Windows Core installations, will need to add Hyper-V Manager to manage, run and configure virtual machines (VMs). Administrators evaluating Hyper-V may have trouble getting started on this step, so let’s go through the required actions to get rolling with Hyper-V.

For Core installations, including the recent free version of the hypervisor, Hyper-V Manager is not able to be run locally. One easy way to manage the remote hypervisor is to add Hyper-V Manager from a separate Windows Server 2008 installation. The most difficult part of getting started with Hyper-V is this specific step. Knowing where to add Hyper-V Manager is not intuitive, especially on the Core installations.

Windows Server 2008 is still somewhat young for widespread adoption in the data center at this point, so the initial configuration may take a moment to figure out. Hyper-V Manager exists as a feature for Windows Server 2008, and adding it is done from running Server Manager, selecting Features, Add Features, expand Remote Server Administration Tools, expand Role Administration Tools, and selecting Hyper-V Tools. This option is shown in the figure below:

Figure 1

Hyper-V Manager is now installed and ready for use on the server. It is important to distinguish that the Hyper-V Manager feature is not included with the Hyper-V Manager role as they are separate items from the Server Manager perspective. Servers with the Hyper-V role can be added to the Hyper-V Manager on the local installation. This takes a little thought to add from a permissions standpoint, and is best done through an Active Directory domain installation for distributed permissions.

For more information on Hyper-V Manager, check out the Microsoft website.

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