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Introducing ivi, Java’s universal virtualization management GUI

ivi (pronounced eve-e) stands for Java Virtual Interface, and it is a project that aims to create a single, graphical, management interface for all the major virtualization products.

Implemented in Java+Swing, ivi is truly portable. Currently ivi uses the VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) software development kit (SDK) to communicate with VI servers and the XenApi to talk to Xen servers. Future plans include adding support for libvirt to allow communication with KVM and OpenVZ and, eventually, support for the Common Information Model (CIM) as a way to talk with VMware, Xen, and Microsoft all through one interface.

The number one barrier to a properly utilized datacenter is the lack of a single management tool to control a heterogeneous environment. The idea behind ivi is to create a single management application that can be used to control all of your datacenter’s virtualization solutions. With so many virtualization products available, using so many different types of architectures, it is more important than ever to possess a management tool that can provide IT professionals a single point of management.

You can read more about ivi at

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