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Maritz avoids vSphere 5 licensing talk

VMware CEO Paul Maritz mentioned “canonical applications” and “cloud” dozens of times each during his VMworld keynote this afternoon. But there was one word buzzword he didn’t mention at all: licensing.

VMware ticked off a lot of its loyal customers last month with its new vSphere 5 licensing policy, which charges users for the amount of memory they assign to VMs. It was the biggest story of the summer, overshadowing the highly anticipated vSphere 5 launch itself.

I know VMware addressed the problem a few weeks later and seemingly placated most of the upset customers. But VMworld is the largest gathering of virtualization pros — 19,000 strong this year — and it could’ve been a good opportunity for Maritz to say how much VMware strives to please its customers and respond to their feedback.

Instead, the elephant in the room went unmentioned.

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