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Microsoft being Microsoft

A couple of months ago at IDC’s Virtualization Forum in New York City, I chatted over lunch with Al Gillen, who posited that not only would Microsoft probably not be late with Viridian, code name for Windows Server Virtualization that will ship with Longhorn, but that Microsoft might actually be early! A pessimist by nature, I was skeptical.

Today, we learn once again what we all know all too well: that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. Like so many products before them, Microsoft announced today that they are pushing back the betas for not one, but two, of their virtualization offerings: Windows Server Virtualization and Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.

Now, Mike Neil, Microsoft’s GM for virtualization strategy, gave some pretty good excuses for the delays: 64-processor systems, I/O intensive workloads, new operating system support, etc. But the delays bring up all sorts of other questions. Is this in fact the last delay Viridian is going to face? If it does ship on time, will it include all the nifty features Microsoft has been touting? Will customers holding out for Microsoft finally give up and try out VMware or Xen? Is this delay really as bad for Microsoft virtualization as it seems to me?

You can read details of the delays here.

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