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Microsoft's 'embarrassing' Hyper-V vs. VMware video

Microsoft has taken its virtualization marketing push and kicked it up a notch — BAM! — but it may be doing more harm than good.

The company’s new “Microsoft Mythbusters: Top 10 VMware Myths” video aims to dispel VMware’s claims about how good its own products are and how much Hyper-V stinks up the joint. Some viewers see it differently, however. They say Microsoft is in no position to talk and that smugness-tinged videos like this one are “embarrassing.”

The video features David Greschler, director of Microsoft’s virtualization strategy, and Edwin Yuen, a technical product manager. Their take on VMware’s first “myth” — that Hyper-V doesn’t offer live migration — pretty much sums up the whole video. Yuen explains that Hyper-V will have live migration in Windows Server 2008 R2, which will be out “soon.” Then Greschler claps his hands together and says “Myth 1: Gone!” while Yuen laughs.

As commenter “guy” writes on Microsoft’s site:

So you are busting the myths of not having a VMotion/VMFS equivalent by stating your next product will have them.  When is that expected out again…2010?

The whole tone of the video seems like something a market-leading company would do in response to an annoying, overmatched new challenger. Except in this case, Microsoft is that challenger, and the folks in Redmond don’t seem to get that they need to win people over with actual products and features — not smarmy videos or guerrilla marketing campaigns.

This attitude may be starting to hurt Microsoft. Commenter “CJ,” who describes himself as a longtime Microsoft Gold partner, writes:

I find the embarassing. Come on guys, if you are going to release something like this, at least wait until you have a real released solution. You’re 10 years too late and hundreds of features short.  I’ll start to consider taking this Virtualization Strategy team serious in 3 to 5 years if they can release a solution that can stand on its own without this kind of comic routine.

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Collin, your evaluation is spot on. The competition to VMware is not Hyper-V (or any other hypervisor), it's inertia. By not virtualizing, organizations are losing the opportunity to save vast amounts of money while incurring much higher staff time requirements and much greater risk of downtime. VMware is clearly superior to Hyper-V in every realistic metric in terms of performance, reliatiliy and functionality. Why would any organization risk all of the savings and other benefits by implementing an inferior product? It's a much better strategy to beat inertia by virtualizing today with the one proven enterprise virtualization platform, VMware. If it makes sense to switch to another hypervisor 2 - 3 years down the road, then the investment in VMware will probably have been paid off 1,000 times over.
Colin, nice article. I was surprised to see it on ITKE -- hopefully we will see more "Emperor's New Clothes" posts like this in the future. Here is my take:
Thanks, Steve and Eric. We'll be posting more regularly on this blog, and this vendor back-and-forth is definitely something I want to focus on.
Excellent article Collin, you are right on...
Awesome post. Thanks for pointing this out, Colin. I laughed, as it reminded me of the whiny, hilarious tone of the "Patrick Duffy and The Crab" videos on YouTube -- but for all the wrong reasons. (Here's the clip: [A href=""][/A])