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My favorite schwag item from VMworld 2008

As I sat in my cozy office, drinking from a VMware mug, wearing a t-shirt under my dress shirt, saving drafts of a SharePoint training presentation to a 1GB USB stick emblazoned with eG’s logo and watching Jan and Hannah go through their big bag-o-stuff from the conference, I mulled over something … what was the one thing, above all of the other schwag, that I wound up using most? The answer was the lowest-tech item there: Sun’s little black book.

Yup, just a small black notepad. I’ve already filled up ten pages of notes in just around two weeks, and I now carry it with me to all my meetings. I look less rude taking notes on paper than entering them into my Blackberry (the message most people get when they see that: “Is this person note-taking or is he texting?” You tell me!). It fits in whatever bag I carry, whether it’s a notebook case, organizer or nothing at all. It’s better than a USB drive due to the simplicity of “open and write” versus “boot and type.”

So, the Completely Unofficial Best of VMworld Schwag Award (TM, patent-pending, Copyright 2008, all rights reserved) goes to Sun Microsystems for providing such an elegant and simple tool.

Notebook PNG File

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Hey, Joe, next show stop by the Cassatt booth for a glowing green swizzle stick. Especially useful to stir your cocktail (and at a show in Vegas, there are sometimes a few of those to be found). Perhaps not so useful back in your cozy office. Of course, that depends upon what you put in your VMware mug, I s'pose. :^)
Glad you liked it! -Steve Steve Wilson VP, xVM Virtualization Software Sun Microsystems
A little black book beats outlook any day. Leave it to the people at Sun to know that.
Came back across this today... Sun may be gone, but this notebook is still seeing service.