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Novell announces new data center management solution: ZENworks Orchestrator 1.1

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The cry for better virtualization management tools has not gone unheard — at least not by Novell. Today at LinuxWorld, Novell announced a new release of its data center management solution: ZENworks Orchestrator 1.1. Not only does it improve management for a data center that incorporates virtual machines, it manages (or “orchestrates,” if you will.) both the physical and the virtual parts of the data center, doing so by overseeing a collection of management tools.

According to Novell’s press release, the 1.1 version should make implementation easier, and give users the ability to pick and choose which management tools are installed onto their systems.

Orchestrator handles resource management, job management, dynamic provisioning, policy management, accounting and auditing, and real-time availability.

The 1.1 version features a new interface and full lifecycle management. The orchestration engine allocates overall data center resources to be installed and run separately from specialized management components, such as virtual machine management.

Full management for SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell running Xen virtualization is available with the new 1.1 version.

For more information, visit Novell’s ZENworks Orchestrator Web site.

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