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Once upon a time, there was a VI3 migration…

I found another blog post-worthy blog. Rightfully called “Documenting a virtualization project“, it’s pretty darn cool. Read about one company’s experience with virtualizing their servers from the start. Most recently, the author, (Martin?) reported that they company (which remains namelesS) has 75 servers virtualized at approximately a 20:1 ratio, and 25 servers to go. They seem to be doing a lot with VDI and VMware, so if that’s your forte I highly suggest becoming a frequent visitor to this blog (after ours, of course.)

Throughout the blog, he talks about migrating Oracle servers, their VDI project, their first production HA failover:

“A quite unexpected event yesterday was the very first HA failover in production.”

The day the Oracle servers froze:

“I shoudn’t be writing that all is well on the Oracle front.

“Just now two of the Oracle servers froze with database problems. The DBA tells me that they have had block corrupts which he hasn’t seen in five years of running the things.”

Then he goes on to blog about what they learned from the Oracle freeze:

“…memory settings turned out to be highly critical in relation to the performance of the VM.”

…I guess he should have been paying more attention to his Virtualization Advisor e-newsletters. 😉

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