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Oracle-Sun Q&A with Jack Kaiser

This Q&A was supposed to be part of our This Week in Virtualization podcast on Oracle’s Sun acquisition and future virtualization plans, but we ran into some technical difficulties and weren’t able to include it.

Our guest was Jack Kaiser, vice president of strategic technologies for GreenPages Technology Solutions, a virtualization solutions provider in Kittery, Maine. He’s also a member of our Server Virtualization Advisory Board.

Q: Do you see a lot of Oracle or Sun virtualization products currently in your customers’ environments?

A: Not really. We’ve seen that Oracle has less than a 2% adoption rate on their own virtualization products so far. … Once in a while we will see some Sun Containers in the SPARC space, but predominantly VMware’s still the major player in the market.

Q: Why is it that businesses typically choose VMware, or even Microsoft or Citrix, instead of Oracle or Sun?

A: Obviously VMware is the predominant player and has been for quite some time. Most industry analysts and experts feel they have the best virtualization platform.

Microsoft, being a large marketing company, is coming on strong, and they have some great connections in the server space and with CIOs. And Citrix is really gaining speed as well with the desktop and their XenApp installations. … So I think that’s one of the reasons that VMware, Microsoft and Citrix have a significant leg up on Oracle.

Q: Now that Oracle and Sun are combined, do you see any more possibilities for integrated management or converged hardware and software that they could use to attract more customers?

A: Oracle has great connections with the database part of the business, but we’ve definitely seen some customers migrate off Sun hardware as they try to understand what the acquisition from Oracle will bring.

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