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Oracle beefs up virtualization offering with management capabilities

I have to admit that I have been less than kind when it comes to Oracle’s virtualization software and licensing policies; I’ve written articles about their stubborn refusal to support their customers who use VMware, user frustrations with their licensing policies, and their unsubstantiated performance claims about Oracle VM being three times faster than other server virtualization software.

But, the newly released Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 (10gR5) includes a VM Management Pack for Oracle VM that gives people using Oracle VM competitive features like high availability, lifecycle automation and application relationship management, making it a more attractive virtualization option.

Oracle’s Xen-based hypervisor runs on x86-64 Intel- and AMD- based systems and can support any operating system that runs on those platforms. Oracle officially certifies Linux and Microsoft Windows to run as a guest OS. The Oracle VM management tool (Oracle VM Manager) comes in the form of a Web-based interface that manages virtual server pools and performs tasks like live migrations.

The Oracle VM Management Pack 10gR5 gives users a way to manage their physical and virtual environments from one console. Some features include diagnostics of whether a problem is due to an application component, a virtual machine or physical resource issue and built-in configuration management that gives IT a way to track application relationships and analyze configuration changes.

The new management pack also lets you assign specific policies for virtualization, automated deployment through Oracle VM Templates for packaged applications, middleware, database, and Oracle Enterprise Linux. There are also lifecycle automation features for testing, deployment, patching and maintenance capabilities, including automated patching of operating systems and Oracle software running inside the guest VMs.

Lastly, Oracle VM users can now get high availability with new features that allow for server pooling, automatic load balancing and server failover. Many analysts say high availability is an absolute necessity when it comes to virtualization, so it’s great that Oracle decided to add that feature.

Perhaps I should start considering Oracle VM a contender in the virtualization market, especially against Microsoft Hyper-V, which doesn’t even have live migration yet. Or maybe not. Either way, it is an option.

If you run a ton of Oracle apps and you want to give Oracle VM a shot, it is free to download form their website. Oracle VM support per two-socket server costs $599, and includes access to software and updates through the Unbreakable Linux Network and 24X7 support. Oracle VM Premier Support costs $1,797 per two sockets for three years, and includes network access plus 24×7 support.

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