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Overheard on the blogosphere: VMware and Apple can whip Microsoft

Chris Wolf  Overheard on the blogosphere:

“Together VMware and Apple could make a run at redefining the desktop (it’s clear that VMware/Microsoft synergy isn’t going to happen). VMware delivers the virtual infrastructure and Apple delivers the OS. Combined, we could have a new generation of desktop delivery that might eventually supplant Microsoft.”

– Chris Wolf  on his blog, Chris

In this post, Wolf — a Burton Group senior analyst and virtualization expert — urges VMware and Apple to get it together and end Microsoft’s desktop dominance. Wolf cogently explains why the operating system-based desktop will fade away as desktop virtualization and new personal desktop models emerge.

What’s your take on where the desktop is going, and which model will dominate in businesses and with consumers? Sound off here, or write to me at

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