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Perfman 7.2 premieres at VMworld

Perfman 7.2, the newest version of Perfman’s cross-platform capacity planning and performance management software, was announced at VMworld this morning in Las Vegas.

Among the notable new features in Perfman 7.2, the VMware Sprawl Reporting tool and virtualization planning tool stand out. The VMware Sprawl Reporting tool gives users a detailed report of the growth of virtual machines (VMs) across the entire environment. In addition, it shows the rate of VM growth per each ESX Server, while also listing VMs that were once active but have become inactive.

The virtualization planning tool allows administrators to evaluate which physical servers and applications would be good candidates for virtualization while producing a model of the expected performance of the new virtual environment. In addition, the virtualization planning tool will produce hypothetical scenarios to predict the performance of the system with new workloads or how existing workloads would respond on new hardware.

For more information on Perfman7.2 visit the company’s website at

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