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Physical-to-virtual (P2V) migration blooper

Since I wrote the post, P2V wins and losses, I’ve been hearing from IT managers who’ve done the P2V deed. One migration was halted by a too-proactive IT guy. Here’s the story, but I’ll let the parties in question remain anonymous.

So, this company was moving from physical to virtual servers to reinstall its Oracle ODBC drivers and number of third party support applications. During the migration of one physical server, the process failed. Why? Says the IT manager:

“The first attempt failed because our support personnel noticed the server being replaced was down and rebooted it in the middle of the P2V process.”


After that, migrations went smoothly, and no more mistakes were make. However, performance issues arose when this particular server’s virtual machines server went into production. The IT manager explained:

“The original server had been a two-processor hyper-threaded system, and it was moved to a single processor VM. After adding a second virtual processor, it ran at an acceptable level.”

This company has done successful P2V migrations since then and plans to do more.

Here’s hoping your P2V moves are blooper-free. If they aren’t, share your goofs with us by commenting or emailing me at We can all learn from your bloopers and chuckle at the same time.

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