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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 2.2 includes Xen converter

BOSTON — Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 2.2 is out today, and it includes a couple of enhancements for server virtualization.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 2.2 guest OSes will support up to 256 GB of RAM and 16 virtual CPUs. (The previous limit was 64 GB of RAM and 16 virtual CPUs.) The platform will also be able to import and export VMs in the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), which VMware and Oracle VirtualBox already support.

But perhaps the most important enhancement is a new V2V converter that will let you migrate VMs from VMware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Xen to OVF, so you can run those VMs in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 2.2.

If OVF isn’t your style, an actual Xen-to-KVM converter is also in the works and may be available by the time RHEL 6, which is now in beta, becomes generally available. The alternative is to manually convert those VMs to KVM, and this morning here at the Red Hat Summit, I sat in on a hands-on lab about manually migrating from Xen to KVM. Let me tell you, it ain’t easy.

Depending on your infrastructure, you may have to change all your VMs’ MAC addresses, change the default kernel on all your guests and hosts, rename all references to your storage disks, shut down and restart a bunch of systems and perform a lot of commands. And that’s just according to the Red Hat instructor! (An expert in the lab with me said the class skipped or glanced over a lot of other important steps.)

We’ll have a lot more coverage of the Red Hat Summit throughout the week, but so far, virtualization is emerging as one of the big themes.

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