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Reflex Security releases Virtualization Management Center for VM management

This post was written by assistant editor Caroline Hunter

At VMworld 2008, virtualization security leader Reflex Security Inc. will release Virtualization Management Center (VMC), a product that makes virtual machine (VM) activity visible to security administrators. By providing security administrators with essential VM activity data, VMC improves visibility, management and granular control of next-generation virtual data centers.

The product features a number of monitoring, reporting and regulatory functions, including the following:

  • Applications and services discovery, which protects the virtual environment by inspecting traffic content and seeking out applications and protocols over a virtual network.
  • Revision control and configuration monitoring, which enables administrators to monitor and analyze virtual infrastructure changes in real time and historically by tracking network revisions that generate network diagrams.
  • Virtual machine lifecycle management, which monitors the health of VMs from creation to decommissioning by tracking users, configurations, applications and performance in the context of security.
  • Virtual infrastructure discovery and mapping, whereby VMC utilizes extensive real-time and historical visual reporting through timeline-based, graphical topology maps.
  • Network and application performance monitoring, which improves service levels for critical applications and quickly troubleshoots issues by analyzing virtual network performance and discovering virtual network bottlenecks.
  • Virtual network security (FW/IDS/IPS), which helps reduce the risk of virtual machine intrusion, infection and compliance violations by detecting and preventing attacks on a virtual infrastructure and enforcing IT policies.
  • Virtualization policy management, which defines and enforces IT policies throughout heterogeneous virtual environments.

As virtualization becomes more prevalent and virtual machine security risks increase, Virtual Management Center addresses the growing anxiety among data center admins and managers concerning virtual environments by providing the necessary information, analyzing risks and managing complexity.

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