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Sharing the love for virtualization

Congratulations to Dave Claussen, winner of our Valentine’s Day virtualization poetry contest. Here’s his winning entry:

Roses are red
I like iced tea
How long before
They virtualize me?

We also received this submission from Microsoft’s David Greschler:

Ode to Virtualization

Software is drawing up a
Declaration of Independence.
It has had enough of living in the dark,
sealed inside a glass CD
No longer fooled by its regal setting, the plastic jewel box.

It is tired of watching the stylish music bits and flashy video bytes
streaming by like bar-hoppers, in and out of desktops and servers
while it sits, bound by installation to the hard drive
thinking, “I’m no different than you,
I’m made up of 0s and 1s too.”

Virtualized, free at last, it begins to swim up and down the networks
like a fish or shark or whale
swirling inside the LANs
jumping across the WANs
and exploring the deep oceans of the Internet

To be anywhere it needs to be
with a clean shaven smile
and the tip of a hat
Software, sir, at your Service!

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