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So, VMware, is Google a real cloud now?

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

That old saying sure doesn’t apply to the cloud computing market.

Just last summer, VMware came out and said Google wasn’t a real cloud company. Now, Google and VMware are joining forces.

At last July’s New England VMware User Group meeting in Brunswick, Maine, VMware’s Mike DiPetrillo said Google, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure weren’t real clouds because of their proprietary nature. He said VMware planned to create “hundreds of competitors” to those platforms through partnerships with compatible cloud providers like AT&T, Verizon and Terremark.

So you can imagine the surprise over yesterday’s news that Google is now one of those VMware cloud partners. (Our sister site calls them “unlikely bedfellows.”) According to the site, the partnership will let Java developers build applications on the Google App Engine and launch them on several platforms, including Google App Engine for Business, VMware vCloud and even VMforce.

It appears that, over just a few short months, Google has seen the light when it comes to cloud compatibility. But the partnership is even more significant for VMware. Fresh off the heels of the VMforce announcement with — this news kinda takes the wind out of those sails a little, huh? — VMware has another major cloud player on its side.

If VMforce was VMware’s landing on the cloud computing moon, this Google news is VMware planting its flag in the soil.

Cloud computuing is obviously important for VMware’s continued success (or any vendor’s, for that matter), but VMware has a very loyal customer base in the data center. The Google partnership will undoubtedly fuel the fire for the VMware cloud naysayers among them, who are coming out of the woodwork with the indications that VMworld 2010 will be a cloud conference.

The company would be wise to throw them a few bones between now and August, or the cloud could lead to a storm.

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