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Splunk for VMware Management enables improved view of virtual environment

This post was written by assistant editor Caroline Hunter.

Splunk offers system monitoring products to help IT administrators keep tabs on their system data. At VMworld 2008, the company will add Splunk for VMware Management, a tool that monitors data produced by virtual machines, to its monitoring product offerings.

The product will provide relief for administrators who are eager to take advantage of the cost and space savings provided by virtual machines but are unsure whether they can collect and make use of the highly transient data created by those VMs. Splunk for VMware Management provides automated management of this data for improved debugging and troubleshooting and heightened availability.

Splunk provides a four-hour Web-based training session for administrators implementing the product. The company also offers on-site help in configuring the software according to each company’s needs.

But the company designs its products to make for “as little friction as possible,” said Splunk VP of Marketing Steve Sommer. “We don’t do a lot of hand-holding.”

Splunk’s customers typically adopt one of Splunk’s monitoring products for a particular purpose and then let Splunk know when they would like to deploy others as the company needs change.

Splunk has doubled its revenue in the past 10 months and recently hired Godfrey Sullivan as its CEO. With Sullivan’s help, Splunk hopes to mature into a major competitor in the monitoring software market.

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