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Sun xVM VirtualBox has easy install, small footprint

Of the major hypervisors, I am particularly intrigued by Sun xVM. In this blog, I’ll give a quick tour of Sun xVM VirtualBox and show how to make a virtual machine.

Setting up Sun xVM
The download and install are quick and easy. VirtualBox has a small 23 MB download for Windows x86 platforms, and the install was very fast and did not require a reboot. Once VirtualBox is installed and running, creating a virtual machine is also a snap. The VirtualBox interface to create a virtual machine was quite intuitive. In fact, I created a few virtual machines without any issues at all. The figure below shows the VirtualBox console with the control pane for the two virtual machines I created:

VirtualBox Console

Sun xVM good for client-side virtualization
All of the basic functionality of a virtualization product is present in VirtualBox. This includes .ISO mapping, snapshot technology, a hardware inventory manager and network placement technologies. One difference from the VMware products is a full editor for the MAC address, meaning you can specify a full MAC address for the virtual machine. This presents a lot of functionality, but a little dangerous for the masses if you ask me.

I have used VMware Server and VMware Workstation for my client side virtualization for a long time. However, I am going to go with VirtualBox as I have a new workstation. I will continue to share my feedback? Have you had any positive or negative experiences with VirtualBox? If so, please share them below.

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I have to correct you in that "Sun xVM VirtualBox" is only part of "Sun xVM"... so addressing to Vbox as "Sun xVM" is not right Sun xVM includes Server, Ops Center, VirtualBox and VDI
I just installed Sun xVM (virtualbox 1.6.2) on Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64 (aka hardy Heron). Damn, it was straight forward, works brilliantly and has a lovely GUI. The Windows XP guest run's very close to a the feel of a native one on my notebook (Lenovo R61 2.Ghz dual core with 2GB RAM). I can watch a youtube video on it, use an application like MSpaint without any mouse or drawing lag. Doubtless there is some losses if you benchmark it hard enough. But the performance of this Win XP VM (even with only 512MB) is faster than the raw performance of Vista directly on the hardware (with 2GB), and it's more than acceptable. I really impressed with the level of polish. Especially the guest Additions for paravirt mouse/video.
Andy: I agree with you. The more I use VirtualBox, the more I like it. I've got some more blogs about the product coming up, so stay tuned here to
Hi, I tried to install xVM virtualBox in Windows XP, but get an error message saying that it does not pass Windows Logo test, and the installation roll back by itself !! Cannot install at all !! Please help. Thanks. Rdgs, MF