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VKernel to support Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V

At VMworld 2008, VKernel announced that it will partner with Microsoft to offer several management tools for Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V. VKernel will modify its line of management tools to better handle Microsoft-based environments.

Although VKernel already supports the majority of VMware platforms, this will be the first foray into tools that are supported for Microsoft Hyper-V. “We see this as an opportunity for VKernel to differentiate ourselves and enable our customers to best manage their environments and assure optimal performance regardless of whether they are using Microsoft or VMware,” VKernel CEO Alex Balkman said in a press release.

Initially only some of the tools that make-up VKernel’s Performance Lifecycle Management bundle will be available for use with Hyper-V. They include Chargeback, a cost analysis tool; Capacity Analyzer which monitors resources; and Modeler which tests new additions to an environment and, prior to launch, analyzes the impact they might have on the environment.

For more information on VKernel’s new initiative with Microsoft, check out the company website at

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