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VMTN gets a facelift.

From the desk of totally unimportant and frivlous items (also known as my inbox) came this timely bit of news in the VMTN Technical Newsletter:

“The new VMTN front page gives a dynamic view into the activity on the site and in the VMware community. Keep up to date on the latest in VMTN News, Virtual Appliances, Technical Resources, Discussions, Knowledge Base, Compatibility Guides, Security Alerts, VMware Blogs, and Virtualization Blogs. The page is updated throughout the day.”

Ok, so it wasn’t technical. It was informative though, and I do like the new layout. I always had a problem with how difficult to navigate the old VMTN site was, how it was hard to go from one place to another without crossing through a third place that I didn’t really care about. Me, I like the forums and the virtual appliances, but I’m also getting to like the community-centered this-hardware-works-on-VI3 section.

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This information has been very helpful to me. Thanks. I would suggest you to change font-face, for some reason, it doesn't look attractive. Just a suggestion though.