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‘VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, oh my!’: Virtualization Log

With all the hype and hoopla surrounding virtualization, picking the right platform can be a scary proposition. For those of you who haven’t yet chosen VMware’s, Citrix’s or Microsoft ‘s virtualization platform, IT consultant Steve Shah explores their respective virtualization approaches (rather than their technical differences) to help you decide which one is right for you.

If you do go down the VMware road, we have a bunch of tips to get you started. Expert Rick Vanover offers advice on ensuring a successful mass physical-to-virtual migration. The takeaway: Measure twice, cut once.

Meanwhile, for the cheapskates among us, Harley Stagner gives us a two-part tip on how to get failover and high availability for a file server running on ESX without buying VMotion or VMware High Availability. In the first part, Stagner explains how to set up Windows Server 2003 as a file server on an iSCSI storage array; in part two, he describes a nifty way to use the free VMware Converter 3.0.1 and p2vtool.exe to script the failover of that file server, without incurring downtime. Neat-o.

Finally, expert Andrew Kutz helps a VMware user struggling with a script to help him shut down and power up VMs outside VirtualCenter. The answer, Kutz says, lies in the FindByDnsName method. Kutz also explains how to create a library assembly (DLL) that can be referenced from other .NET applications.

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