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VMware: No demand for Hyper-V management

PALO ALTO, Calif. — At its Worldwide Partner Conference down in Los Angeles this week, Microsoft pushed Hyper-V and its cross-platform management capabilities. The message was clear, if oversimplified: VMware only manages VMware. Microsoft manages VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer and physical workloads.*

So why doesn’t VMware offer multi-hypervisor management? CEO Paul Maritz addressed the issue at yesterday’s vSphere 5 launch, citing technical hurdles and the cost of engineering such a solution. But Raghu Raghuram, senior vice president and general manager, gave a shorter answer today on the VMware campus: VMware doesn’t feel like it has to.

“We have no religion on this,” Raghuram said. “If the customer says we need a product to manage Hyper-V, we’ll have that product tomorrow.”

Despite recent momentum around Hyper-V and all the talk about heterogeneous environments, Raghuram’s comments indicate that there are still plenty of VMware-only shops out there, and that VMware doesn’t feel very threatened by Microsoft’s advances.

*The extent to which System Center manages VMware is up for debate, and some VMware products do have visibility into non-VMware environments.

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