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VMware Server lives on: Virtualization Log

It may be free, but it’s not forgotten — or is it? VMware Server 2 is officially in beta, and while Yankee Group’s Gary Chen took the release as a sign of continued development on the part of VMware,’s Alessandro Perilli isn’t so sure:

It’s evident the company is spending most of its R&D and marketing efforts around ESX Server and Workstation. In 11 months no company (in a big ecosystem of over 200 technology partners) developed products for VMware Server, despite its price and wide feature-set could push adoption like no others.

In other virtualization news, Sun Microsystems Inc. CEO Jonathan Schwartz will take the stage at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference today and is expected to officially announce the company’s xVM virtualization strategy: an x86 hypervisor based on Xen and Sun xVM Ops Center for unified management. Sun has also rounded up support for xVM from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Intel, Microsoft, MySQL, Quest Software and Symantec and is launching, which Sun describes as “an open source community for developers building next-generation datacenter virtualization and management technologies.”

Speaking of Oracle, VMware isn’t taking this whole Oracle VM thing lying down. Going live today on VMware’s Web site is a page devoted to running Oracle on VMware ESX, with links to white papers, case studies and other resources.

Meanwhile, on our newest site,, check out a tip by blogger extraordinaire Scott Lowe on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and connection brokers, where he breaks down for us exactly what a connection broker does. Pool management, anyone?

Editors’ note: Virtualization Log is a daily roundup of virtualization news and tips published on SearchServerVirtualization, as well as on sister TechTarget publications.

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