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VMware View iPad client screenshots

The VMware View Client for iPad hit Apple’s App Store today.

The VMware View iPad client lets users access their virtual desktops on their tablets using PC-over-IP on either WiFi or 3G networks. It also has support for external keyboards and monitors, leading VMware to exclaim, “If you wanted to, you could realistically go iPad full time!” (Unless you’re on a plane, or, for AT&T users, in any major city. In fact, there are several cases where virtual desktops on mobile devices aren’t always practical.)

Here are some screenshots that show what the VMware View iPad client can do. (If you’re an Android user like me, a View client is in the works, but you’ll have to wait until later this year.)

The log-on screen is where you set up your remote connection:

After logging in, you can view your recent desktops. This example shows Wndows 7 running through the VMware View iPad client. Mike Laverick joked this morning that the client “is a great way to get Windows running on a £579 tablet.”

Once you choose your desktop, you can run all its native applications, such as Microsoft Word:

The VMware View iPad client features a trackpad for users who want the traditional laptop feel:

And users can get help about different gestures and what they do:

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