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VMware focuses on end-user computing on VMworld 2011 day two

On day two of VMworld 2011 during the technical keynote with CTO Steve Herrod, VMware focused on end-user computing, mobility and desktop virtualization.

At the Tuesday session, Herrod devoted the first 45 minutes of his talk to VMware’s goal to bring anywhere, anytime access to mobile users. One key piece of this puzzle is Horizon Mobile, which delivers work-related mobile applications to devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, and updates to VMware View 5 to deliver a virtual desktop image to workers’ computers.

Herrod and a VMware engineer did a demo to illustrate how VMware has made it possible for workers to separate personal and work identities on phones and tablets. Other key efforts he described include:

  • VMware AppBlast . A new project that allows you to start any application in a HTML5-compatible browser on any device.
  • VXLAN. Technology that facilitates virtual machine (VM) mobility. It provides a layer 2 abstraction to VMs, independent of where they are located.
  • VMware Octopus. A Dropbox-like service for enterprises.

In the second half of the session, Herrod discussed improvements to VMware vSphere 5 to make infrastructure more reliable, available and secure — another effort to support user-focused computing.

For more on the technical keynote, check out this video.

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