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VMware shipping yet another lifecycle management product

Palo Alto, Calif.-based VMware, Inc. announced the general availability of VMware Lifecycle Manager, which was first announced and covered by in February.

The product is VMware’s attempt to control virtual machine sprawl by showing who owns a virtual machine, when it was requested, who approved it, where it is deployed, how long it has been in operation and when it is scheduled to be decommissioned.

VMware Lifecycle Manager also gives IT managers the ability to measure and chargeback the use of virtual machines to individual department owners.

VMware offers other lifecycle management products, like VMware Stage Manager  and VMware Lab Manager, that are designed for specific functions and differ from the new LifeCycle Manager product.

So while VMware Lifecycle manager helps manage the creation, operation and decommissioning of virtual machines in compliance with company policies and standards, VMware Stage Manager helps to transition application stacks of multiple virtual machines through the integration and staging process prior to production. VMware Lab Manager helps with provisioning and allows manageability over the entire virtual environment.

There are a number of companies that offer virtual machine lifecycle management software similar to VMware’s, and the majority of them are based on VMware virtualization. They have the pleasure of selling against VMware while also supporting the virtualization giant’s product.

Some virtual machine lifecycle management vendors to consider if you are on the market for one of these tools include a new Alpharetta, GA-based company called vmSight that offers software for application performance, capacity planning, VM Sprawl control, billing and chargeback and regulatory compliance for VMware virtualization. Similarly, products from Buffalo Grove, IL.-based vizioncore Inc. with vCharter and Portsmouth, NH-based vKernel, which received kudos from Gartner Inc. for its VKernel Virtual Appliance Suite for Systems Management, offer virtualization lifecycle management products that go head to head with VMware’s offering.

VMware Lifecycle Manager is now available for purchase through VMware’s network of distributors, resellers and OEMs. VMware Lifecycle Manager is purchased a la carte and requires the purchase of the standard product offering per processor. There is also a customization option (one per VMware Lifecycle Manager server) that will allow customers to tailor fit VMware Lifecycle Manager into existing organizational tools and processes.

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It would be nice if they thought about the lifecyle of a VM across roles versus having 3 products to tackle the problem.