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Veeam reports on ESX

I just had a chat with Veeam Software’s Ratmir Timashev about the release of their first commercial product, Veeam Reporter for VMware Infrastructure 3. The Russian company may already be known to some of you for its free tools — Veeam FastSCP, which administrators can use for backup or to copy large ISO images, and Veeam RootAccess, which allows ESX administrators to gain root access to an ESX server remotely. At any rate, the deal with Veeam Reporter is as follows: it collects data on ESX virtual machines, virtual networks and virtual switches, stores that data, and then displays it as a Microsoft Visio document.

What’s this good for? “This is extremely useful for planning high availability with VMotion,” Timashev told me. There are no other convenient ways to get “a good representation of where you can move your VMs,” he claims.

Timashev admits that Veeam Reporter doesn’t expose any data that you couldn’t find with VMware Virtual Center; the advantage is that you can “conveniently save the data and report on it.” Currently, Veeam Reporter takes a point-in-time image that the administrator must manually launch. For future versions, Veeam is working on automating the change management capability, plus giving admins an easy way to see what has changed.

Other features might include reporting on security permissions and storage, plus storing data in a database rather than Visio. List price for Veeam Reporter is $120 per managed ESX CPU. You can get it here.

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