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Where are the Microsoft Hyper-V users?

So, earlier this week I wrote a blog about Clabby Analytics Analyst Joe Clabby’s report spelling out a handful of reasons why Microsoft’s Hyper-V is going to take the lead in the virtualization market away from VMware Inc. over the next five years.

I received a lot of feedback on this blog from people defending VMware, and thought, why not get some Hyper-V users to talk to me about the product – how it performs, its related management tools, features, etc. I asked Microsoft’s press team to send some users my way for interviews, and about a week later Microsoft’s “Rapid Response” team sent me a couple of links to case studies.

Thanks, but I would like to interview some users myself, outside of Microsoft filters. How about at least sending me the contact info for the users profiled in these case studies?

Microsoft’s response was, “Unfortunately regarding direct contact information for the Hyper-V case studies, we have no further information to share.”

What? Really?

This strikes me as odd because Microsoft’s competition, VMware and even smaller virtualization companies like Virtual Iron refer me to real users to interview about their products.

Does this mean that Microsoft doesn’t have the same level of product confidence as the competition? VMware has offered plenty of customer references, and while those users do complain about the acquisition cost of VMware’s software, I don’t think I’ve heard any serious gripes about the product itself.

So I am interested in hearing from Hyper-V users about its performance, because as users and analysts have said, Microsoft won’t sail past VMware on price alone.

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It's all in the name, Hyper-V is all hype. "We have visualization, too!!" -MS
Our hospital system is rolling with Hyper-V. We are finishing up with our test environment and already have one production server in play. Why? Mostly cost. Hyper-V is significantly cheaper in the ROI model than VMWARE. Second, is accessibility. ESX is not accessible for most people and does require some Linux knowledge to tune. Most of my shop in WinTel. Microsoft has been good to us. We've been a part of the beta and I love what I've seen and experienced so far. Windows 2008 server is a superior upgrade and Hyper-V is on par with most products I've tested. JMM