Learn which virtualization management tool can best help your company

Last updated:September 2016

Editor's note

Server virtualization management has become vital for modern enterprises. Virtual servers now outnumber physical servers in most companies and this trend shows no signs of stopping. IT administrators require tools to manage and monitor their virtual infrastructure. While a server virtualization management tool is essential, it presents critical decisions for the IT administrators responsible for purchasing them. The virtualization systems software market includes both platform and third-party management vendors. A variety of choices in software is necessary, as maintaining a virtual environment is a large task. Even in smaller infrastructures, there's a lot of activity occurring that workers need to keep tabs on.

Virtualization management software is designed to provide organizations with a company-wide view of what's happening in all of their virtual servers. All companies, no matter the size and complexity of their infrastructure, need a virtualization management tool to help manage and monitor their growing virtual environments.

Selecting the right virtualization management tool for your company is important not just to manage your virtual environment effectively, but also to protect your enterprise from unnecessary licensing fees and functionality issues. Administrators must take into account several factors when making this purchasing decision. How big and fast-growing is your virtualization infrastructure? What software is currently being used? Can your enterprise afford to license a virtualization management product? If so, how much can you afford? What features and capabilities are most needed for your company? Miscalculating any of these essential criterions can put your virtualization system -- and company -- in a tough spot, since it will hinder the ability to keep up with growing virtualization demands.

This product guide will help buyers navigate the hodgepodge of virtualization management products to pinpoint what features their virtual environment needs the most and decide which software will be the most beneficial for their system.

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