Microsoft TechNet

Microsoft TechNet is an online resource site and web portal that includes free training resources and troubleshooting help for IT professionals. In addition to online training, Microsoft TechNet also includes a discussion forum, downloadable whitepapers and blogs.

Microsoft previously offered a TechNet subscription service, which gave customers access to product keys for several of Microsoft's software products, including Exchange and SharePoint. However, in 2013, Microsoft announced it was ending the subscription service. The end of the TechNet subscription service also meant the discontinuation of the web-based TechNet Magazine which included technical articles about using and managing Microsoft products.

Microsoft originally launched the TechNet subscription in 1998 as a program that allowed IT professionals to access Microsoft's desktop software for a yearly fee. The earliest version of the subscription was delivered as a collection of physical CDs, but soon evolved into a download-based service.

Microsoft still offers some evaluation versions of its products through a similar subscription service targeted at developers, called the Microsoft Developer Network.

This was last updated in March 2015

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