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Introduction to Blogs and Blogging

A blog is defined by its format: a series of entries posted to a single page in reverse-chronological order. Microblogging is similar, constrained by the limits of an SMS message and a dash of mobile social networking thrown in on some versions, like Twitter. Many blogs offer considerably more than the simply formula, but that's the definition of the form.'s blogs, for instance, each offer a different spin on what a blog can be:

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You'll notice that each entry above and below has an XML feed next it, linked to this icon: . Just click on the icon to discover the RSS feed for that blog. Most Web browsers will then add the feed to your preferred RSS reader,like Google Reader or Bloglines. You can also point your feed reader to this page and discover to all of the feeds listed here.

If that jargon is all new to you, you can learn more about blogs, RSS and feed readers by reading Dan Bricklin's tutorial. If you're confused about the terms you see out there in the blogosphere, make sure to consult our glossary of blogging terms. If you're a business owner or corporate blogger, consider listening to this podcast (MP3 download) about how to blog in ways that don't harm your business.

Do you know of an IT blog that we should add to our blogroll? Let us know!

Note: Some of the blogs listed here belong in more than one category. is a prime example of this phenomenon. For the sake of organization, we've entered each only once, often in the Internet category. If you strongly disagree, let us know about that, too.


Backup and Recovery

  • Fileslinger Backup Blog | Author: Sallie Goetsch The Backup Blog covers (you guessed it) backup and recovery options from the perspective of an independent IT professional.
  • Storage Soup | Authors: Editors and writers at You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on backup, recovery and more.


Business Intelligence

  • Eye On Oracle | Authors: Editors and writers at You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on Oracle.
  • Oracle's Business Intelligence Blog | Authors: Abhinav Agarwal, Keith Laker, Aneel Shenker, Mike Durran This blog includes musings and postings on Oracle Discoverer, OLAP, and other Oracle BI products, technologies and tools.
  • Sambi Business Intelligence Blog | Author: Sam Batterman This Microsoft "Business Intelligence Evangelist" posts on data mining, Web harvesting and other BI tools and methods.



  • Channel Marker | Authors: A team of science editors, writers and enthusiasts This site includes public news releases from labs and researchers, original stories, interviews and reader blogs. Science Blog encompasses subjects ranging from Computers & Electronics to Bioscience & Medicine.



  • CIO Symmetry | Authors: writers and editors A proportional mix of news and wit for the midmarket.
  • Total CIO | Collaboration, information and opinion from the editors of



  • ComplianceBlog | Authors: Cathy Connally, Charley Best, Paul Savage Reviews, news and trends in governance and compliance around the world.
  • Ethics and Compliance Blog | Authors: Members of the Ethical Leadership Group Personal reflections and commentary on business ethics, compliance, and corporate responsibility.


 Computing Fundamentals

  • Science Blog | Authors: A team of science editors, writers and enthusiasts This site includes public news releases from labs and researchers, original stories, interviews and reader blogs. Science Blog encompasses subjects ranging from Computers & Electronics to Bioscience & Medicine.



  • Construction Software | Authors: A team of science editors, writers and enthusiasts This site includes public news releases from labs and researchers, original stories, interviews and reader blogs. Science Blog encompasses subjects ranging from Computers & Electronics to Bioscience & Medicine.



  • CRMBlog | Authors: Various contributers, operated by DotMarketer
  • CRMchump | CRM industry news, information and commentary.
  • CRM Mastery | Author: Jim Berkowitz Commentary and musings on CRM best practices and industry news.
  • PGreenblog | Author: Paul Greenberg CRM, philosophy, baseball and universal metaphors.
  • Voices of CRM | Author: Barney Beal This podcast covers CRM, philosophy, baseball and universal metaphors.


 Data Management

  • Adventures in Data Center Automation | Ryan Shopp Join in on trends, tips and tricks on our quest to achieve a “Lights Out Data Center” through software automation. Topics will span application, systems, network technologies and configuration, performance, availability and security functions.
  • Data Center Facilities Pro | Authors: Matt Stansberry, Mark Fontecchio This blog is about data center facility management, engineering and design. This blog covers news, trends and tips on topics like data center cooling, data center backup power and data center energy efficiency
  • Gilbane Group Blog | Analysts and consultants from the Gilbane group write about content technologies and trends.
  • Mainframe Propellor Head | Authors: Mark Fontecchio, Matt Stansberry, This is's blog about the IBM mainframe and its alternatives. This blog covers news, trends and tips on topics like the System z hardware, the z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE operating systems, and software licensing costs.
  • Server Farming | Authors: Bridget Botelho, Matt Stansberry, Mark Fontecchio, Leah Rosin This blog is an extension of’s news coverage on server hardware and data center physical infrastructure. Server Farming is intended to be a forum for discussion of the latest in server hardware, systems management, Unix-Linux-Wintel operating systems and large distributed computing systems.
  • Tales from the Data Center | | Author: Peter Sacco Data center operators share their stories of data center disasters, successes and more. Moderated by data center design expert Pete Sacco, this blog will provide a platform for members of the data center community to discuss their trials and experiences.



  • O'Reilly Databases | Authors: Various This blog features posts from numerous authors on database configuration, back up and management.



  • Engadget | Authors: Various, founded by Peter Rojas If you love gadgets and consumer electronics of all stripes then this blog is for you, with up-to-the-nanosecond reporting on the latest and greatest tech gadgets on planet Earth.
  • Gizmodo | Authors: Various contributors, edited by Brian Lam. "The gadget guide. So much in love with shiny new toys, it's unnatural." Coverage and market nearly identical to Engadget, though the voice and style are all its own.
  • Pogue's Posts | Author: David Pogue If you've managed to miss Pogue's witty and timely articles over the years, you've been missing out! This blog links to product reviews, podcasts, articles and comments on current technology trends. (NYT registration required.)



  • Andrew McAffee | This Harvard Business School professor posts reflections on the impact of information technology on businesses and their leaders.
  • Deal Architect | Vinnie Mirchandani blogs about global trends in technology-enabled business innovation and efficiency. Mirchandani is a former technology industry analyst, outsourcing executive and entrepreneur.
  • Channel Marker | Authors: The editors and writers of You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on everything related to the IT channel.
  • Desktop Management Depot | The Desktop Depot podcast series keeps IT admins up to speed with the latest desktop management news and expert advice, including tips on desktop virtualization, security, OS management, desktop migration and more.
  • Enterprise Linux Log | Authors: The editors and writers of You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on the data center.
  • Enterprise Virtualization | Authors: The editors and writers of You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on the data center.
  • Daniel Taylor's Mobile Enterprise Weblog | Thoughts and musings on enterprise mobility management.
  • Enterprise Web 2.0 | Dion Hinchcliffe, founder and chief technology officer for the Enterprise Web 2.0 consulting firm Hinchcliffe & Company, blogs about emerging enterprise technologies and software architecture.
  • The Google Enterprise Blog | This blog about "enterprise information, search and the users that live there" keeps you up to date on Google's enterprise software offerings.
  • Innovation Creators | Author: Rod Boothby Rod blogs about the use of blogs and other Web 2.0 technologies by enterprises.
  • Ross Mayfield | The CEO and co-founder of Socialtext, a wiki company and provider of enterprise social software, blogs about wikis, blogs, open source, the Internet and more.
  • Sadagopan's Weblog | Author: S. Sadagopan Ideas, opinions, trends, markets, thoughts, technologies, outsourcing, and posts on cyberworld India.



  • DellOne2One | Dell's new blog, "One2One," received a torrent of attention and feedback in the first two weeks of its online life. Now, Dell executives, programmers and marketers post about Dell hardware and news.



  • Ajaxian | Ben and Dion of discuss issues around Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and interview various Ajax notables.
  • Backup Brain | Author: Tom Negrino and Dori Smith The name says it all....
  • | Author: Jonathan Hedley This metafilter features a constant steam of links to stories on everything from Linux to robotics, Web development to e-commerce, privacy to biology -- and more.
  • | Author: David Brake Daily updates on the Internet and public policy, broadband, virtual community and more from the UK-based consultant and journalist.
  • BoingBoing | Author: Cory Doctorow, David Pescovitz, Mark Frauenfelder A directory of wonderful things -- and also one of the most popular blogs around. Have you been "BoingBoinged" recently?
  • BrightCove | Author: Jeremy Allaire Jeremy is the CEO of Brightcove, which develops video distribution methods for the Web.
  • BuzzMachine | Author: Jeff Jarvis Posts about media and news, with a focus on new media and the Internet, associate professor and director of the interactive journalism program at the City University of New York's new Graduate School of Journalism.
  • GeekBlog | Author: Dwight Wallbridge "I am Geek, hear me Hack. Blogs are lives in pixels -- and my life is complex."
  • GigaOM | Author: Om Malik, various contributors An editor at Business 2.0, with help from a growing staff, tackles the next generation Internet, aka Web 2.0.
  • Dan Gillmor | News, views and a Silicon Valley diary from another IT journalist.
  • Kuro5hin | "Technology, from the trenches." Kuro5hin is a collaborative site about technology and culture, maintained and moderated by a community that likes to both think big thoughts and laugh about them.
  • Mashable | Author: Pete Cashmore Posts about Web 2.0, new media, social software, social networking, podcasting, blogging and mashups.
  • Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO | Matt is a Google software engineer who posts frequently about SEO and many things "Google."
  • Metafilter | Authors: Community driven - anyone can contribute. Metafilter is a blog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to.
  • | Author: Tom Coates Post on the future of media, social software, mass-amateurisation and the Web from a Yahoo! big thinker.
  • | Author: Tim O'Reilly and other big thinkers at O'Reilly Media This blog's goal is to "draw from the wisdom of the alpha geeks, amplify the weak signals, draw out effective design patterns, iterate, and see if we can predict the next Mosaic, P2P, or Amazon."
  • Scobleizer | Author: Robert Scoble "Scoble," as he's affectionately known to many in the blogosphere, was for a long time Microsoft's blogging face. Now he works at, where he produces the Scoble Show, a vlog, and works on IPTV.
  • SearchBlog| Author: John Batelle Thoughts on the intersection of search, media, technology, and more.
  • SearchEngineLand | Author: Various Posts on (what else) online search engines and Internet technologies.
  • SearchEngineWatch | Author: Various Posts on (what else) online search engines and Internet technologies.
  • Signal vs. Noise | Author: 37Signals Staff Posts about entrepreneurship, design, experience, simplicity, constraints, pop culture, 37Signals products, products they like and more.
  • Tasty Bits From the Technology Front Author: Keith Dawson TBTF was a classic blog that's still fun to read if you're interested in the early days of the Internet.
  • TechCrunch | Author: Michael Arrington TechCrunch is dedicated to profiling and reviewing new Web 2.0 products and companies, along with profiles of existing companies that are making a commercial or cultural impact on the Web 2.0 space.
  • TechDirt | Authors: Various Offering "easily digestible tech news," TechDirt features stories that cover what's happening online and off..What started as a daily newsletter from founder Mike Masnick has grown into a virtual clearinghouse for the IT industry, including industry-specific analysis for corporate clients.
  • ValleyWag | Author: Nick Douglas, with assorted writers Silicon Valley's gossip blog is the destination for those seeking news about the uber-geeks and "digerati" who own and operate some of the world's largest technology companies and hottest start-ups.
  • /var/log/blog | Author: Ahmad Anvari Tech news, fun, business and economy.
  • Wired Blogs While we're particularly fond of Monkey Bites and Elsewhere, you'll find plenty to love in blogs about gaming, Apple, security, bio-tech, digital music, futurism, high-tech cars and more.



  • System i Planet | News and links from all around the Web on the iSeries and System i in general, IBM's venerable server offering.
  • The iSeries Blog: A blog | The latest iSeries opinions on systems management, programming, Web development, recovery, security and more.


Learning and Careers

  • Creating Passionate Users | These bloggers are authors of the bestselling "Head First" series of books, writing about the brain, metacognition, education and technology and other chewy topics.



  • Micropersuasion | Author: Steve Rubell Micropersuasion is one of the premier "influencer" blogs around, keeping visitors up to date with the latest developments in social software's impact on marketing and media.
  • My Educated Guess : Marketing Answers for IT | Authors: Garrett Mann, Karen Lefkowitz, Marilou Barsam, Melissa Marron TechTarget's IT marketing blog answers questions IT marketers face everyday, it includes links to free webcasts and case studies.
  • Online Marketing Report | Author: Kay Boski Kay is "a backlink collector." Her goal is" to get a backlink from every possible top level domain." In the process, she blogs frequently about online marketing strategy.
  • Paul Gillin | An IT journalism veteran blogs about social media, technology and the computer industry in general.
  • Seth Godin | Seth is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and "agent of change," blogging about the impact of new media on marketing and communication.
  • Signal Without Noise | Author: Guy Kawasaki Guy is a managing director at Garage as well as a husband, father, author, speaker, author and hockey addict. He blogs about his experience as an evangelist, entrepreneur, investment banker, and venture capitalist.


 Messaging and E-mail

  • | "Notes" on collaboration, technology, travel, and more from the business unit executive of worldwide Lotus messaging sales at IBM's software group. Brill is responsible for the continued worldwide success of Lotus Notes and Domino.
  • Exchange Cookbook | This is a companion site for the "Microsoft Exchange Cookbook" from O'Reilly Media.
  • You Had Me At EHLO | Author: The Microsoft Exchange Team From the About section: " This is an official blog of the Microsoft Exchange Team - a group that plans, discusses, designs, changes, programs, tests, deploys, documents, supports and fixes Microsoft Exchange Server."


 Multimedia & Graphics

  • 456 Berea Street | Author: Roger Johansson Most posts are related to web standards, accessibility or usability in one way or another, with the occasional article on other subjects.
  • Business Presentation over your IT | William Peterson Would you like to improve your business presentations? Presentation veteran William Peterson provides best practices, discusses proven techniques and welcomes the open exchange of presentation ideas and experiences.
  • Cool Hunting | Author: Josh Rubin, along with a staff of writers and contributors A daily update on stuff from the intersection of design, culture and technology.
  • Edward Tufte's Q&A Forum | Perhaps it's somewhat of a stretch to call this area of legendary information designer Edward Tufte's Web site a blog, but anyone interested in visual design on any medium will find his responses to the questions of users to be incredibly useful. If he ever begins to truly blog, we'll update the link.
  • Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design You can find articles, tutorials, interviews, reports, news and more from one of the masters of online usability. Nielsen is one of the world's leading experts on Web design. If you care about Web site usability, Nielsen is a must-read.



  • Apple AirPort Blog | Author: Glenn Fleishman News and tips related to the Apple AirPort networking system and other wireless uses of the Mac OS.
  • Atrevido | Author: Michael Giagnocavo Posts from a software consultant and developer currently focusing on the Microsoft .NET Platform and VoIP.
  • IT Career JumpStart | Author: Ed Tittel Learn about skills development plus training and learning opportunities to improve your knowledge base and skill set. Dig into the pros, cons, and costs of college degrees and IT certifications at all levels. Share your comments, questions, and concerns with long-time IT Certification and Career Development expert Ed Tittel, creator of the Exam Cram series of cert prep texts, and a contributor to over 100 IT certification books, plus countless Web and print articles in this subject area.
  • Jeffrey's Ruminations | Thoughts and musing about networking from a water resources and environmental engineer and IT manager.
  • The Network Hub | Authors: Shamus McGillicuddy, Michael Morisy, Amy Kucharik, Tessa Parmenter, Susan Fogarty This blog for networking professionals offers commentary on the latest networking news, network management and administration, VPNs, WANs, LANs, routing, switching, network security, wireless networking, VoIP, network design, protocols and standards, and networking careers and certification.


 Open Source

  • Direct2Dell | Author: Dell Linux Engineering team Technical information and files related to running Linux on Dell systems.
  • Enterprise Linux Log Authors: The editors and writers of You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on the Linux in the enterprise.
  • Striking the Right Chord | Bob Sutor, VP of Standards and Open Source for IBM, posts frequently about open source standards and technology.


 Operating Systems

  • Brian Jepstone's Weblog | Rants and raves from an O'Reilly editor, programmer and author.
  • Doc Searls | Senior editor for Linux Journal. Doc can keep more balls on the floor than anyone he knows.
  • Google MacBlog | This blog was started in October of 2006 to highlight everything Google is doing to support Mac users.
  • | Author: Ben and friends A daily dose of Mac news and discussion.
  • Mactoids |
  • Author: Brent Sheets Mactoids™ are tips, shortcuts, tweaks, tricks, fixes or just about any nugget of Mac wisdom that helps you become a more productive Mac user.
  • MSDN Blogs | | OPML Microsoft has made it easy to find the blogs of many of its employees, centralizing them into a "river" of posts at You'll find posts about software, naturally, along with many other facets of IT and business.
  • | Author: Rob (CmdrTaco) Malda, Jeff (Hemos) Bates and many friends News for nerds. Stuff that matters...from the folks who brought you the original "Slashdot effect."
  • The Unoffical Apple Blog | Authors: Various bloggers and contributors, whose posts are tracked in a sidebar This member of the influential Weblogs Network covers all things Mac.
  • The Vista Team Blog | Authors: various employees of Microsoft's Windows division This Microsoft blog is brings the reader "behind the scenes of the Windows Vista development process," including "points of view from our partners, customers and people on the Windows Vista team at Microsoft."
  • Windows Week in Review | This weekly podcast from includes analysis on Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Exchange, as well as news, events, systems management issues , the latest security and patch updates for Microsoft Windows and more.



  • An Expert's Guide to Oracle Technology | Author: LewisC This Database Architect and self-professed Oracle geek has almost 20 years of database experience, and has worked with the Oracle and tools since 1993. Follow along as he builds a working Oracle encyclopedia, sharing his knowledge and experiences, removing the mystery surrounding Oracle technology, and describing ways to integrate that technology in various projects and business areas.


  • Ear on Oracle  | This podcast is for Oracle DBAs, developers and managers on topics including Oracle database management, applications, jobs, trends and news.
  • Eye On Oracle | Authors: Editors and writers at You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on Oracle.
  • Mark Rittman | Oracle BI, Data Warehousing and Databases
  • Oracle's Blogging Network | Authors: Oracle executives, developers and product managers. This is a complete index of all of the blogs that Oracle hosts within the company.
  • OracleAppsBlog | Authors: Various This blog documents the daily experiences of Oracle applications consultants. OracleAppsBlog was founded by Richard Byrom, an Oracle Applications Consultant.


 Personal Computing

  • 43 Folders | 43 Folders is a blog about personal productivity and "life hacks" from Merlin Mann. Merlin, a confirmed Mac-aholic, also participates in the MacBreak video podcast and MacBreak Weekly audio podcast.
  • DownloadSquad | Great tech news, tutorials, reviews, opinion and, of course, lots of downloads to be found here at yet another blog in the Weblogs network.
  • MakeZine | Authors: Phillip Torrone, Natalie Zee, Bre Pettis Created by one of the founders of the O'Reilly Network, the Makezine blog "brings the do-it-yourself mind set to all the technology in your life."
  • Out of the Frying Pan and into the Cube | Author: Mike McBride The journey from one-man IT Department for a not for profit organization to helpdesk jockey in a medium-sized law firm.
  • PC World's Techlog | Author: Harry McCracken. News, opinion, and links from Editor in Chief of PCWorld.
  • SMBlogger You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on everything related to IT at small to medium-sized businesses.
  • William Computer Blog | Author: William Pramana The topics posted on this blog range from programming, networking, Web site development, software, hardware, and operating systems.



  • An Architect's View | Author: Sean Corfield Thoughts from a software architect at at Adobe on ColdFusion MX, rich Internet applications, software design... and neat CFMX hacks.
  • Christian Cantrell: Apollo Application Developer | Author: Christian Cantrell Apollo, Ajax, ColdFusion, JRun, and other Macromedia related news.
  • Code Bits | Author: David Mark Programming advice served quickly.
  • Computer Zen | Author: Scott Hanselman Posts about Microsoft .NET, XML, Web services, programming tools and much more. He also records podcasts, called "Hanselminutes," regularly. Occasionally he posts photos of his cute kid.
  • GoogleBlog | Authors: Various Google's official blog. You'll find posts about new products, events and glimpses of life inside the Googleplex.
  • Hog's Breath Saloon: Programming ColdFusion | Author: Rob Brooks-Bilson and Raymond Camden Cold-Fusion and CFCs.
  • Jeremy Zawodny | "SELECT * FROM random_thoughts ORDER BY date DESC." Jeremy works in the platform engineering (infrastructure) group at Yahoo! and blogs about Linux, Perl, MySQL and open source.
  • Joel on Software | Author: Joel Spolsky Comment: Painless software management, along with writing on software development, business and the Internet.
  • Just Another Geek's Blog | Author: MErana "The mutters and grumbles from the depths of the basement."
  • | Author: Jason Kottke, an outstanding resource for "fine hypertext" products, is a unique blend of commentary on web culture and technology trends.
  • Lifehacker | Author: Gina Trapani and others Lifehacker features (nearly) endless tips on ways to optimize the gadgets and technologies that dominate networked life.
  • Mike Chambers: Adobe Flash Community | Author: Mike Chambers News, resources, info and links on Flash and Apollo.
  • .NET Developments | A blog on all things .NET from News and tips about Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Visual Basic programming, C# and .NET architecture.
  • Scripting News | Author: Dave Winer Scripting and stuff like that from the author of the original RSS and OPML specifications.
  • Scott Guthrie | Scott heads up the ASP.NET team at Microsoft – he posts four or five times a week about ASP.NET, Ajax and getting it all to work right. He’s an excellent source for .NET Web developers.
  • TheServerSide Interoperability Blog | TheServerSide.Com and TheServerSide.NET communities have assembled a group of industry authorities to discuss Java and .NET interoperability. The discussion is led by software expert Ted Neward. Neward and other charter site bloggers seek to shed light on sometimes murky issues of interoperability in computing. TheServerSide Interoperability Blog invites the developer and architect communities - across platforms - to take part in the discussion
  • Waxpraxis | Author: Branden J. Hall Info about Adobe Flash, the Flash community, Macs, and whatever else he's up to at the moment.



  • Bruce Schneier | Thoughts on security and security technology from a technologist and author. Described by The Economist as a "security guru," Schneier is best known as a refreshingly candid and lucid security critic and commentator.
  • Chris Shiflett | Up to the minute coverage about PHP and Web application security from a principal of OmniTI and founder of the PHP Security Consortium.
  • | Authors: Rsnake and id These two Web application and OS security professionals write frequent - and often wickedly funny - posts about online security.
  • Information Security Place | Author: Michael Farnum Commentary on the state of information security.
  • Jeremiah Grossman | Posts on application security from the founder and CTO of WhiteHat Security.
  • Network Security Blog | Author: Martin McKeay Posts from a network security professional focusing on protecting networks and information.
  • .NET Security Blog | Author: ShawnFa
  • TaoSecurity | Author: Richard Bejtlich Dedicated to FreeBSD, network security monitoring, incident response, and network forensics.
  • Security Bytes | Author: Dennis Fisher, nroiter, Robert Westervelt, Marcia Savage, Michael Mimoso, The information security blog for the latest buzz on data security, privacy and regulatory compliance issues, information security threats, software security updates, flaws and more.
  • Security Fix | Author: Brian Krebs This blog offers updates on computer security developments as they arise -- Internet scams, innovative viruses and worms, useful security tools and resources, and important security patches for popular software titles. Occasionally, it will feature column-length observations on key trends in Internet security and what they mean for online safety.
  • Security Wire Weekly | This podcast provides a recap of the week’s top information security news, including interviews with information security experts and professionals.



  • Vendorprisey | Thomas Otter, a solution architect at SAP, blogs about "HR technology stuff, code and law, living in Germany and how to spend money on expensive bicycle components."
  • SAP Watch: A blog| The blog provides in-depth news and tips about SAP ERP, Duet, jobs, upgrades, business intelligence (BI), supplier relationship management (SCM), consulting and more.



  • SOA Talk | This blog includes observations and commentary for architects and developers about SOA, Web services, integration technologies (ESBs, Grids, XML) and development platforms such as Java EE and .NET







  • Uncommon Wisdom | Author: CIMI Corp. President and Consultant Tom Nolle Uncommon Wisdom offers up-to-date commentary on telecommunications business issues, mergers and acquisitions, standards development, cloud computing and all aspects of public networking and emerging technologies.



  • Enterprise Virtualization | Authors: The editors and writers of You'll find commentary on breaking news, interviews, blogs and roundups of the related Web community's views on the data center.
  • | Author: David Marshall "This blog site is dedicated to spreading the word about virtualization, and hopes to keep the masses informed about all the latest trends, technologies, and news that relates to virtualization."
  • | Author: Alessandro Perilli Virtualization technologies, products and market trends.
  • Virtualization Pro | This blog covers the VMware virtualization scene, offering expert opinions, links, quick how-tos and advice on VMware technologies and products. Get the latest on VMware platforms, like VMware ESX, and subjects like backup, disaster recovery, performance optimization, desktop virtualization and more.
  • Virtual Strategy Magazine This is an index of virtualization blogs.
  • Virtuozzo Blog | Ilya Baimetov, a Product Manager at SWsoft, started this blog at the Intel Developer's Forum (IDF) in San Francisco. If you use Virtuozzo or are curious about virtualization, give him a read.



  • The Jeff Pulver Blog | Author: Jeff Pulver Highlights and commentary of the IP communications industry.
  • SearchVoIP maintains a comprehensive list of VoIP bloggers.


 Wireless & Mobile

  • The Collaboration Coop | Explore the evolving dynamics of collaboration software and technology from an IT and end-user perspective and discover best practices, opinions and advice that increase the clarity of collaboration’s role in the workplace. Topics and technologies covered include Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Lotus collaboration products, unified communications, social networking, knowledge and content management, wikis and blogs.
  • Daniel Taylor's Mobile Enterprise Weblog | Thoughts and musings on enterprise mobility management.
  • T1 Rex's Business Telecom Explainer | Author: John Shepler Easy to understand information about complex telecommunications and networking technology. T1 Rex discusses T1 lines, VoIP telephone, PBX, virtual private networks, digital audio transport, WiFi, WiMax, optical carriers and other business telecom services.
  • WNN Wi-Fi Networking News | Author: Glenn Fleishman Daily news, features, and links about high-speed wireless networking and communication, focusing on Wi-Fi and IEEE specs 802.11a, b, and g
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