VMUG Advantage (VMware User Group Advantage)

VMUG Advantage is a subscription-based membership offered by VMware User Group (VMUG). The $200 per year subscription was launched in March 2011 and gives members discounted prices on VMware training materials, classes, certification exams and conferences. A VMUG Advantage membership is also the only way to access to VMware’s EVALExperience, which includes year-long evaluation versions of popular VMware software.

VMUG Advantage membership can be a money saver for VMware users who are interested in pursuing or maintaining VMware certifications. The membership offers discounts that, if used, can greatly exceed the $200 membership cost. For example, VMware’s all-access eLearning resources typically cost $500 per year, but access is included with a VMUG Advantage membership. Members also save 20% on VMware training courses (which can cost several thousand dollars) and certification exams. Members also receive a $100 discount on VMware’s annual VMworld conference. In addition to year-long access to evaluation versions of several VMware products, members also receive a 50% discount on VMware Fusion and Workstation software licenses.

This was last updated in March 2015

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