VMware Technology Network (VMTN)

VMware Technology Network (VMTN) is a collection of VMware related educational resources and online forums. The online resource site previously offered a popular paid subscription program that offered customers trial access to VMware's data center software products.

The VMTN subscription service and online resource was introduced in June 2005. The $299 per year service gave customers access to VMware Workstation, VMware GSX Server and a developer version of VMware ESX. VMware discontinued the subscription program in February 2007.

For several years, VMware resisted customer requests to bring back the popular subscription program. In 2015, VMware partnered with the VMware User Group (VMUG) to offer the EVALExperience -- a software evaluation program offered to VMUG Advantage members -- similar to the original VMTN subscription.

This was last updated in March 2015

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