VMware vCloud Air

VMware vCloud Air is an Infrastructure as a Service offering based on VMware’s vCenter. VMware renamed its cloud computing service, which was formerly called vCloud Hybrid Service, as part of a larger rebranding strategy that coincided with VMworld 2014.

VMware offers vCloud Air as three cloud services: dedicated cloud, virtual private cloud and disaster recovery as a service. Customers can manage workloads on these services through VMware vCenter, vRealize Automation or vCloud Director. All of VMware’s vCloud Air services are available for subscription terms ranging from one month to three years.

The dedicated cloud offering of vCloud Air is a physically isolated deployment and offers the highest scalability levels that VMware offers. This level of service is designed for large-scale cloud projects and provides options for up to 120 GB of virtual RAM (vRAM) and 6 TB of storage on a 50 Mbps network that can burst up to 1 Gbps during high demand. Dedicated cloud customers have full control of memory and CPU resources and can set reservations for specific virtual machines (VMs).

The virtual private cloud option is aimed at customers with smaller workloads or tighter budgets. It offers up to 20 GB of vRAM and 2 TB of storage on a 10 Mbps network as part of a community cloud multi-tenant environment.

The Disaster Recovery as a Service option is capable of automated protection using vSphere Replication of up to 500 VMs per subscription. A core subscription includes up to 20 GB vRAM and 1 TB service, and customers have the option to add more capacity for an additional cost. The service allows a customer to set unique recovery point objectives for individual VMs ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on the importance of the workload.

VMware also applies the “Air” moniker to Software as a Service versions of its virtualization and cloud management software products, such as VMware vRealize Air.

This was last updated in October 2014

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