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August 2015

The prescriptive nature of converged infrastructure

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This chapter is included in the How virtualization changes hardware purchases E-Book.

Converged infrastructure, or CI, products are gaining notice, thanks in large part to the consolidation benefits they provide. Organizations can upgrade their data center technologies without having to select and install the specific components -- the vendor does the configuring on the customer's behalf. Vendors are going to bolster their offerings, and Gartner Inc. has noted that the maturing CI market is leading to increased competition.

Since the market is expanding, and thus the CI vendor options for organizations are increasing, IT needs to be sure if the "simple" approach is right for their company. If converged infrastructure is the right way forward, the bundling options should be examined carefully. Since CI products arrive integrated and optimized, there isn't much wiggle room once the hardware is purchased. It's a significant upfront investment, so it’s imperative to vet the various -- and ever-increasing -- options offered by a rising number of vendors.

This chapter of "How virtualization changes hardware purchases" details the shifting market, where it is and where it could be headed. What are the differences between converged and hyper-converged products? How will CI interact with existing hardware? What should be replaced and what should remain? Which organizations will see significant ROI and which ones will be questioning their purchase? Converged infrastructure simplifies an IT operation, but it is not a simple commitment to make. Nor is it an inexpensive way to go.

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