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March 19, 2011

Introduction to virtualization for administrators

If you're new to administering a virtualized environment, then this e-book is for you. This book provides a valuable introduction to virtualization, focusing on the basics of high availability and virtual test environments. You’ll come away with the administration skills you need to thrive in the virtual age.


  • Virtual disaster recovery strategies in action

    Virtualization is changing the disaster recovery landscape. This e-book is a beginner's guide to virtualization with chapters on disaster recovery (DR), test and development, server consolidation, high availability, storage, security and key technologies, including VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. You'll also get advice from our experts, and learn the latest virtual disaster recovery strategies.

  • Integrating high-availability methods into a virtual infrastructure

    This chapter outlines high-availability methods you can use to protect production workloads running in a virtual environment. Get advice to help you decide on the right HA strategy and obtain detailed information on working with single-site and multi-site clusters as well as guest failover clustering.

  • Virtualizing a test and development lab: An introductory e-book

    Now is the time to realize all of the benefits of virtualizing your test and development lab. This chapter highlights some of the benefits of consolidating your test and development environments through virtualization, including costs savings, accelerated time to deployment and system consistency throughout your environment.

  • Introduction to virtualization: Storage in the virtualized world

    In Chapter 5 of this e-book, you'll learn how storage virtualization can improve utilization rates, keep resource costs low and boost network performance for real-world and future applications. Get the latest tips and the inside on implementing storage virtualization, and how this can impact your organization. You'll also get advice from our experts, and learn the latest storage virtualization strategies.

  • How virtual infrastructures change security

    Protecting the virtual data center doesn't need to be any more difficult than protecting a physical network. The key is to remain vigilant. In this chapter, learn how to mitigate potential security risks to your resource pool and virtual machines without over-allocating administration. You'll also get advice from our experts, and learn the latest virtualization strategies.

  • Introduction to virtualization: Hypervisors

    Virtualization technology isn't complete without a hypervisor. This final chapter of the Introduction to Virtualization e-book explains some hypervisor basics—highlighting the differences between bare-metal and hosted hypervisors—and lists some features that you should look for when selecting one for your virtual environment.


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