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March 8, 2010

Managing advanced virtualization techniques

From the ins and outs of high-availability planning to the nuances of hypervisor optimization, this e-book has the information you need to manage advanced virtualization techniques.


  • Advanced virtualization: Disaster recovery strategies for the virtual data center

    A solid disaster recovery (DR) plan can overcome bandwidth and latency issues without any data loss. Techniques to restore data and prevent loss vary in the virtual data center. In Chapter 1 of this e-book, you'll learn about disaster recovery strategies for the virtual data center. You'll also get advice from our experts, and learn about the latest DR planning tips and best practices.

  • Three phases to data consolidation success

    Chapter 2 of this e-book looks at how taking a systematic and phased approach to server consolidation—data gathering, analysis and migration preparation and implementation—will ensure that your data center reaps all the benefits of virtualization. Learn everything you always wanted to know about data consolidation, and get tips, advice, and best practices from experts.

  • Essentials of high-availability planning for advanced virtualization

    Design, management and testing can make or break high availability in your virtual environment. Chapter three of this advanced virtualization e-book discusses the essentials of high availability planning.

  • Virtual storage strategies and management in action

    Chapter 4 of the Advanced Virtualization e-book will examine the nuances of virtual storage, including provisioning, performance and remote storage methods that help ensure you allocate the right amount of storage -- at the right performance level -- for each application. You'll also get advice from our experts, and learn the latest advanced virtualization strategies.

  • Avoid security holes in the virtual data center

    In Chapter 5 of the Advanced Virtualization e-book, security experts Danielle Ruest and Nelson Ruest explain how to identify, map out and prevent some of the most common resource pool threats. The authors also debunk five common security misconceptions of server virtualization. You'll also get advice from our experts, and learn the latest server virtualization strategies.

  • Recognizing the benefits of desktop virtualization

    In Chapter 6 of the Advanced Virtualization e-book, Mike Laverick outlines some of the benefits that desktop virtualization has over server-based computing models. He also details a few drawbacks of VDI and makes predictions on how the market will respond to further improve desktop virtualization. You'll also get advice from our experts, and learn the latest desktop virtualization strategies and best practices.

  • Network virtualization: Unifying the data center

    We are potentially at the beginning of a new generation of IT administrators who manage a range of technologies outside of the traditional realm of virtualization. Get the latest information on network virtualization and how it can potentially unify your data center. You'll also learn about the hottest virtualization technologies and how they can empower your organization. Read this e-book to learn more.

  • Hypervisor management and optimization for advanced virtualization

    All hypervisors essentially do the same job, but not in the same way. The three top hypervisors all have differences that require specific virtualization management tactics. Read this e-book to learn best practices and recommendations you can follow to optimize and maintain VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.


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